Sanitov Studios has ceased its activity.

It’s with a heavy heart that after numerous restructures of the respective holding companies behind the Sanitov brand umbrella in 2020- 2022 we have found no option to push the brands forward. The final decision to conclude the removal of the branded umbrella is subject to the challenges they have faced over the past years.

The management and founders would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful partners and people who took part in the journey to build the brands, to promote and to explore the sustainable urban good life together.

Despite the ultimate failure of the branded umbrella we are pleased to have taken part in a fruitful field of innovation and forward thinking design concepts which could change and progress the world to be resilient to the changes we are registering. We are delighted that some of our initiatives have facilitated a new path for new ideas to flourish in the field we have operated and continue to take part in to benefit new partners and entities.

We are driven by optimism to promote and conserve a local multicultural and collaborative approach within a new setup to solve the most present issues we are facing globally.

Despite the Sanitov brand disappearing from the stage, a tweak to our slogan will be as relevant as ever to build healthy business with people and product centric approaches.

A sustainable Movement Is Never Just Individual or Local; its democratic reach can aspire communities globally.

Ultimately securing a good life for all.