Sanitov Bicycles: About


At Sanitov Bicycles we are international in our outlook; a fact that manifests itself in our designs and in our operations. The internationalist outlook goes back to our foundation. The first Sanitov bicycle was conceived by our founder – a Dane – on a research trip to China. Initial design sketches produced during this trip were later developed while he studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design in London. In this way, different cultural and aesthetic strands were brought together and allowed to cross-pollinate. The result of this process was our cargo bike. But the approach is characteristic for all our designs. Each Sanitov bicycle therefore incorporates aspects of many cultures and styles in its own original mix.


As a company, Sanitov Bicycles is rooted in the world of design. A strict attention to detail – whether in the improvement of a line or aspect, or a holistic understanding of individual components’ integration in a whole – therefore is a matter of course. However, we also draw on the countercultural energies of skateboarding. A former semi-professional skater, our founder is an active part of the skate culture; a fact that he draws on in the design process and his conceptualization of urban mobility. All our products therefore try to rethink what urban mobility is and how it can be improved. They take a narrative approach to urban movement, weaving atmospheres of the poetic and the expressive into the phenomenon of mobility. This narrative way of thinking about space is what drives us forward and what ensures the continued relevance of our products.


Sanitov bicycles are designed to precipitate a new kind of urban mobility. One that emphasizes personal expression and freedom. One that goes against cultural conformity. However, it also is our goal to deliver good, functional and aesthetically pleasing design at a democratic price point. Good design should never be the preserve of the well-to-do alone. We believe in bringing good design to the people. And in delivering a better urban future to all.